Preparing a balanced traditional meal.

1. Participants must prepare 6 types of meals/dishes which will be cooked and prepared during the competition.

2. The chosen meals (6 types) must be according to the selection below:

Meal 1 – Has a source of Carbohydrate

Meal 2 – Has a source of Protein

Meal 3 – Has a source of Vitamin

Meal 4 – Dessert

Meal 5 – Appetizer/ Salads

Preparing meals such as pickled food, cakes or desserts.

1. Participants must prepare 3 types of meals which will be cooked/baked/prepared before the competition.

2. 1 of these 3 meals MUST BE DEMONSTRATED on how it is done/prepared during the competition day itself.

3. Compulsory meals (participants must choose between [a] and [b]):

[a] Nonsom(bosou) and Sinuko
[b] Hinava and Sinuko

Chosen meal:

Pickled food/ Cakes/ Desserts


+ Each entry consist of two participants (1 group, 2 participants):

– Young Generation aged between 16 – 28 years old
– Veteran aged 35 years old and above

+ Participants are REQUIRED to wear their traditional outfits during their cooking session and food exhibition/tasting time.

+ Meals/dishes in Category A MUST be prepared during the competition day itself where as meals in Category B must be prepared earlier and exhibited during the competition day.

+ However, for Category B, one of the three chosen meals MUST BE DEMONSTRATED on how it is done/prepared during the competition day itself.

+ Each group is required to prepare their own Menu Cards consisting the name of the meal and it’s full recipe which must be exhibited together with their meals.

+ Participants must only use local materials for their meals/dishes.

+ Participants are encouraged to use the flavouring products from Maggi or Nestle. Marks will be given to participants who uses the flavouring product.

+ Meals/dishes prepared must be up to 5 servings.

+ Participants are responsible to bring their own cooking materials, serving plates, table cloth and decorations.

+ Cooking utensils and basic needs should also be brought by the participants except for those stated in No. 12.

+ Partipants are allowed to decorate their own exhibition tables before the competition starts.

+ The organizers will prepare the kitchen, cooking gas and pan.


1. The closing date for application is 20th May 2010.

2. For further information, please call Madam Norhanida Annol (0198711887) or Madam Agnes Sibangan (0198021794).

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